Waltham Cross Call for sites

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Closes 31 Dec 2022

About the site

1. Site address (including postcode)
2. Upload a site location plan

If possible please upload a plan clearly indicating the site boundary on a suitable map base or aerial photograph.

Please make sure your file is under 10MB
3. Site size/area
4. Current land use
5. If the site is used for employment, please outline the name, type, number of on-site employees and any additional information for each business on the site.
6. If there is any vacant land within the site please provide further details.
7. When is the site likely to become available for redevelopment?
8. Leasehold information
9. Compatibility with redevelopment
10. Constraints
11. Any further Comments
12. Please upload any further relevant documentation about the site here.
Please make sure your file is under 10MB